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11 Dec 2015 12:51

Awesome! Mans best friend for sure.

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13 Dec 2015 17:47

Purno wrote:They're not very common in my country, but they aren't rare either. How popular they are in other countries, I don't know. There could be quite a few of them in Canada, I don't know :P
They're hard to get in Denmark - people often wait for a long time to get a Toller. Just remember that once your puppy is getting bigger, you will have a dog that will open up doors itself. I have a puppy too, and she's a mix between a Toller and a labrador. But she still got a lot of energy, they like to jump, and all the Tollers I know have learnt to open doors themselves. But these dogs are such nice and loyal creatures (I can't go anywhere without my puppy following), and I really wish the best for you and your girlfriend.

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13 Dec 2015 18:46

I'm used to intelligent dogs. We have a Kooikerhondje currently, also easy to train. :)

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15 Dec 2015 04:44

G'day Purno so I was sort of right about spaniel .
Adrian 8-)

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