Cheap(ish) steering wheel?

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28 Dec 2013 07:28

I'm looking around for my first steering wheel and I can't seem to find any. My price range is like $100 tops. I don't have a lot of space to work with so a huge setup won't work. Any ideas?

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28 Dec 2013 12:43

In my opinion, you should stretch your budget with another $50 if you can, so you can get a Driving Force GT. I can easily say, all wheels below it, meaning all wheels priced <$100-$150, are really bad. The DFGT is very good and well worth it's price. :)
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28 Dec 2013 13:47

Yup I agree with Dean. The best one is the G27/G25 but you need a $300 budget for that. After that the Driving force GT comes and has some basic gearstick and a 900 degree steering wheel for just +- $150. I have one and works like a charm (sadly I never drive).

Wheels below $100 are crap anyways, mostly build with cheap ugly plastics and often don't even have a 900 degree turning cirkel.
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29 Dec 2013 05:23

Thanks for your input.

I'll earn some more money and wait for American truck simulator. Then I'll look into it :D

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20 Jan 2014 12:57

Yesterday if bought a second hand g25 for slightly above 100 euro.
It is a great stearing wheel im inlove with it.:D
I like playing this game alot and im a truck driver in real life now it is just easier for me.
before this wheel i used a wireless xbox controller
Id advice you to buy the g25 if you can because its alot cheaper than the g27 and its a reliable wheel.

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21 Jan 2014 19:40

I bought my g27 in used condition for 70 euros. The shifter didn't hold on it's place and brake was always a bit on. New se of bolts for the shifter and opening the potentiometer of the brake pedal sorted tohe things out.

Even made a new bag from some red microfiber cloth for the shifter since the one made out of "leather" was worn pretty bad. So in the end it costed me about 80 euros and i have some left over cloth for future use.

Definatetly go for the DFGT if you're on a budget, but a bit of DIY and you can mount that G25/27 shifter in any chair you want. And it's a good choice.

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