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Ask questions about the ATS mod here. If useful they will be added to the Q&A / Development updates.
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22 Dec 2015 08:19

I'm not going to preorder but I don't think SCS will do that...
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23 Dec 2015 01:08

I just order my copy! cant wait to get :)
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24 Dec 2015 22:06

I won't buy it until a mapedit mod comes out TBH. Look at Carlsbad in the middle of the state, and no Tehachapi mountains... not lifelike at all! It'll be like vanilla Germany in ETS2, no point in driving on that.
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24 Dec 2015 22:13

Even though I am going to get this game on Steam (saves the hassle of putting the CD back in and taking it out), I will not have the most fun of American Truck Sim until somebody makes the Peterbilt 281 with tanker from the Spielberg film Duel.

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25 Dec 2015 02:07

As far as I've seen, the retail version will require activation on Steam anyway.
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25 Dec 2015 02:17

Yea same story with Farming Sim and Train Sim.

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25 Dec 2015 19:28

"...LA needs more lanes..." etc

I agree in a way, even looking back a few years ago, when 1c had Rig n Roll in California, their version of LA was actually fairly in line with real life...

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26 Dec 2015 04:00

LA needed a LOT more highways. Like, I understand the issue with scale and whatnot, but good lord almighty, there were some PROBLEMS with that map of LA and I don't even know where to start honestly. Like, just humor me and look at this:,-117.0647023,9z
Does that honestly look anything like the LA presented in this game? I think not.
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