[REL] Egypt Addon for SCS Map Promods 2.0 and MsHeavyAlex

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12 Jan 2016 14:42

I think you should think of a better way to get to Egypt. Maybe some ferry from Italy...

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12 Jan 2016 16:45

yes, but the Airport is a good Way this time, to reach Cairo.

so it s the best way to bring the add-on on.
Later is planned, an Ferry to Alexandria.

so this is a "first time connection" :)
Later you will have the choice, to activate or deactivate.

@ Mandelsoft:
This sounds really nice. (FLD) because, i think about to use the new staff of FLD. That s a good point.

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24 Jan 2016 23:11

@ Mandelsoft:

new Prefabs from FLD inside, and works nice. Just load my fix befoure you load Promods.

but to Release to Egypt 2.0 will take a While, i have more planned that i think at the beginning.
but it is not only a new Version, it is also a big step in the point: do an real alexandria :D

lets see what happens.


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25 Jan 2016 12:42

I respect your work Andy, you can model and map and that's rare! A lot of effort was put in the map, but I'm not using the addon because of the reasons Mandelsoft mentions. For me it's too clean, too fancy and doesn't have a realistic feel. I really like what Mandelsoft sais about RusMap, because thats exactly why I love it. It doesn't try to make things more beautiful than they are. Let beautiful parts of the world be beautiful, and allow bad parts to be bad ;)

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04 Feb 2016 11:23


That s alone your Choice.

i mean, a lot of Things will change in 2.0, so the "Realety" goes higher.
To the Textures: no decals here, i think it kills every performance of my project, you need to understand:
you have the Choice:

do a stack of x models from 1 pool, = get Performance
do a stack of only ?? from ??? models, and put some not needet Textures above = you get 1 FPS.

next Thing is: some Shaders dont use any decals, you cant "decal" things, that not supportet from ETS2.
but, i go an other Way on Textures.

at the End: it is your Choice alone :D
Like it, or not. You cant do things in your life, that fit s to every Person, like my grandvather always say:
dont do what all want, you never can make the world happy, only some peaple.
And that is okay :D

so thanks for the Feedback :)
We will see how an Africa will look in 2th Part.

but things change to other Lines.

we will see.

Some Screens from the Work of Alexandria - not final this time, but they give a little Overview.
the one is for my performance Tests, the other a little view of the Situation in the Stanley Bridge, like she is going to final.



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04 Feb 2016 12:50

This project kinda has it's thing, I may try it.

On your second pic (The beach picture) the bench in the center is floating.
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05 Feb 2016 02:23

The center is floating :D i know, is not a final Scene, it is a REAL work in progress :D

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05 Feb 2016 05:26

That is an improvement :)
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05 Feb 2016 06:41

Today i do the Road System of the Desert Road from Cairo to Alexandria :D

Real: 232 Km
ingame: 232 Km :D nice Shot :D

so you will hit the 2x 4 Lane Desert Road, and the real highway Crosses that you found there :D
Also the Connection to the Airport is reworket, the Airport to (this time is little bigger)

Airport have now a Company named: Egypt Air, that the PPL, that dont want the Connection "Air"
also have a Sence in the Airport ,and like to drive on :D
The Bridge over the Highway is not "real" but fits good into the Game.
Later if i rework Cairo (not for next release) i see that i move the Airport to it's right Place.
also today the Airport is set higher. The "mountains" are gone now, so every Player can good drive the Cargo there.
And you see the Airport left side now better than befoure :D

Also i do the first Steps to integrate the Companys.
and Library to Alexandria

2 new Places for Cargo also inside now, and a new Tankstop / Gas Station on the Way.

i hope you will like it, screens follow after i have a little Landscape on there :D

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20 May 2016 00:00

To update this here to:

Egypt 1.0 for 1.23 is released, since a few of Days.

forget to update this here.

http://sharemods.com/avxyg0mo31q8/Rusty ... 3.rar.html

To be in Business again:
some Screens of Egypt WIP this time - View on the Skyline of the Version 2.0
( Work in progress)




have fun.

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