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[REL] Republic of Kazakhstan map 1.0

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18 May 2016 15:41

Autonomous Republic of Kazakhstan map 1.0
For the performance required: Euro Truck Simulator 2 - 1.23.x + DLC Going East! + DLC "Scandinavia!"
Contains 11 settlements:
-Karaganda, Temirtau, Shakhtinsk, Saran, Osakarovka, Kievka, Aksu Ayuly, Atasu, Koktenkol, Agadyr, Akshatau.
Update 1.0:
 - New inhabited quote Browse: Atasu, Agadyr, Koktenkol, Akshatau.
 - Completely rebuilt Shahtinsk partially-completed changed Karaganda
 - Lots of new highways.
 - Lots of changes.
 - Has a hidden road.
Test version: 1.23.xx
Author: 09_KZ
Many thanks to:
Alexey AlekseyMD, for help in the acquisition of Euro Truck Simulator 2 Steam version + DLC Going East! + DLC "Scandinavia" and some tips.
Dmitry aldim @ tor, for providing the model for the construction of the card, as well as assistance in studying the editor.
Artyom Simka for their assistance.
Nico (Pro Mods) for some tips.
Vladimir vovangt4 for their assistance.
As well as everything else.



Download: ...

We kindly request. When distributing retain copyright link!
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18 May 2016 18:00

Does it work with pro-mods? and russian map if possible.

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18 May 2016 18:23

As I can see in the map view screenshot it doesn't. The map is located in North-East Poland.

Also the first sentence says it all:
Autonomous Republic of Kazakhstan map 1.0
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10 Jun 2016 04:21

The next version of the map of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be compatible with the map of Europe, with the help of the railway terminal. Compatibility with other card has not been tested. I'll deal with it when it is free time. ;)

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13 Jun 2016 17:10

that's good news. Will you be connecting it with RusMap?

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13 Jun 2016 18:35

Yes, it is compatible with the currently rusmap, but requires some improvements. In the future, I want to bridge the way my local map with RusMap, it will be much more interesting and realistic, but it is not known how many will take time. ;)
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28 Jun 2016 18:23

Your country is so nice. I am definitely downloading this and trying it out.

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03 Jul 2016 00:00

Would be amazing to drive between Rus map and Kazakhstan. Hope you manage to link them.

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05 Jul 2016 21:03

Hello 09_KZ:

Of course, it is not my place to tell you how to make your map but I do have a suggestion in relation to the most DIRECT route to connect your map with RusMap. Of course it will be quite difficult, as you are in Eastern Kazakhstan with your map right now. In the next iteration of Rusmap, Volgograd will be built. In my opinion, this would be the best place for you to connect your map to Rusmap. You will also have to build a bit into Russia to accomplish your goal, I hope you do not mind this.

Now as for my suggestion:

I would recommend you build the following settlements to make the best and most accessible route for trucks, as I think the connection should probably meet your map. Continuing from Atasu, move west connecting the road to Zhezqazghan along A17. If possible, you could probably fit Togusken or Qyzylzhar along the way.

Once you get to Zhezqazghan, you're probably going to want to continue following the A17 south. The road is pretty barren until you hit Kyzylorda, but once there you can pick up the M32 and go north.

From here, there a lot more options available to you as there are many more settlements. Since you are a native, I imagine you would know which of these settlements are the most populated. It would appear to me that Dzhusaly, Baikonur, Ayteke Bi and Aralsk would be good choices.

Continuing on the M32, there is a lot of open territory here. Perhaps you could build Ygryz or Shalkar off the A26. As this is a connector map, I'm not sure how much effort you would want to put in to do this.

As the M32 begins to turn west, Karabutak, Khromtau and Aktobe all look like good options for settlement building. After Kobda, there is a long barren stretch of the M32 again.

The M32 becomes a bit more populated once you reach Zhimpity and moving north you will eventually reach Uralsk, a major city. From Uralsk, you can continue to move south on the A28 until you reach Chapaev and then you can take the A31 towards Russia.

Along A31 I would probably build Zhalpaqtal and Kaztalovka. From here you will need to take the P44 a very short distance before you come to a series of long unnamed roads that will take you to Qaraoba and eventually Borsi before you reach the Russian border. Eventually, once across the border you will reach Pallasovka and eventually from there you will reach Nikolayevsk where you will connect with the P226.

Of course this is all hypothetical. I do not want to tell you how to build your map. It is also over 3000km to be built here, so it is entirely your choice if you want to do this massive undertaking. I leave the state of the project in your (very capable) hands.
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06 Jul 2016 01:57

Hi there,

I´m going to give this map a try after patching my game to 1.24.x. Are there any overlapping sectors with "Southern Region" 5.0.0 beta? This map has already a connection by road with RusMap, so it would be great combining these three russian maps was possible.

best regards
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