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Game crash on new profile.

For problems that are not caused by ProMods
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30 Jul 2016 13:33

Hello guys,

I am having an issue with promods. I created a brand new profile, did the first drive then i went into the mod manager and arranged the files like this:

- ProMods def
- ProMods map
- ProMods media
- ProMods model 2
- ProMods model 1
- ProMods assets

I am still getting game crash as soon as i choose a quick job.
Can anyone tell me why? I did not click on RusMap when generating the def file.

Best regards,

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30 Jul 2016 14:29

Can we see your game.log? Always include it.
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30 Jul 2016 15:09

Resolved the issue myself, sorry for the inconvenience.

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