SCS is going to rescale the ATS map!

Ask questions about the ATS mod here. If useful they will be added to the Q&A / Development updates.
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07 Sep 2016 15:41

When they said that about Arizona the beta came out a month later. So maybe by November the latest we will have the rescale. Looks promising. Curious how much they rebuilt. Hopefully LA got a full rebuild

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07 Sep 2016 18:11

I think said something also about New Mexico coming out.

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07 Sep 2016 20:09

LA's Santa Monica Beach looks nice, in the current version.
Long Beach, there I wish for a rebuild, especially the way there and to Carlsbad.
Wich I suspect they have done / are doing.

New Mexico? someday, altho I would be very suripised to see it this year.
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07 Sep 2016 22:17

I think, first the rescale (Which may come this year, but I think it will be February next year) And after that we can talk about New Mexico.
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08 Sep 2016 08:19

Yesterday was made the new update, added Arizona, let's see first this. For working this I must delete Hawai and Cost to Cost for use it.
I think when we shall have the new rescale and the update, we must start the game from the begining. I mean, with new profile or I am wrong ?

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08 Sep 2016 13:25

You can probably still use your old profile, if you don't have any map mod city garages. If you only have default map garages, then your game will probebly still work. Since they will not remove any cities. They only add more roads because of the rescale and maybe some new cities. So, you will probably will be fine if you just use the basegame map for things like garages.

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09 Sep 2016 17:39

Well, my guess is that the rescale's open beta should be out by october or late september. I dont think the rescale would be released next year. Considering SCS DID say on their latest blog post, ''As of right now we're estimating it will still be several weeks before we start internal testing - only after which the game update will go into the highly anticipated Open Beta. Until then, we hope these screenshots will tide you over.''. Since SCS says it might take several weeks for the internal testing, and then directly after we should have open beta, I think it might take the same time span as Arizona did. But I think for the rescale to be released in February of next year is WAY too far ahead.
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09 Sep 2016 19:30

It is several weeks before they begin internal testing.
How long that test takes, before it goes to open beta, who knows?
THEN there will be open beta.

So, late september seems very unlikely, for me atleast.
It would be a very nice surprise tho.

Savefiles, unmodded savefiles should have no problems, that I am quite sure of.
Modded? no clues. My bet would be:
If Homegarage in a city not in the basegame, then you'll be screwed until the modmakers updates the mod.
Altho, you can always switch homegarage to an original city.
Youtube video of a Semi Truck in Monaco 2011. Route driven. Traffic map. Possible modern ETS2 routes 1 and 2 and their combinations.
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11 Sep 2016 07:49


Those are some good points. I also think late september probably wouldn't be possible. But, reason why I say the rescale could be in open beta by October (the soonest), is because as far as I remember, when the internal testing for Arizona started, it was very short and probably a few days after the start of internal testing, the open beta came.

But, for the rescale, it could take equal time to complete internal testing OR it could take longer considering this is the most of the existing map being rebuilt right here. But it MIGHT also depend on how many testers they will have for the internal testing. I think Arizona's internal testing was very short because there was a large amount of testers in the internal testing for Arizona. So, if SCS manages to get a good amount of testers for the internal testing, the time period of the internal testing could be shorter and we could get our open beta on good timing. But, since we dont have any actual information about the internal testing for the rescale, all we can do is wait for the next blog post about the rescale. ;)
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11 Sep 2016 11:40

SCS has a very specific time scale. Arizona should have followed the release of ATS for "several weeks". We waited several monthes in my time scale.

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