piece of road missing at faroe islands

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08 Dec 2016 02:56

hey guys! not really a bug, nor big a deal, just a lil thorn in the eye.

Recently discovered promods beautiful Faroe islands. However. on the road near the buyable garage there is a piece of road missing, instead having a light green eye blinding color. Can this please be painted in the next patch? thanks!

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08 Dec 2016 04:10

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08 Dec 2016 19:16

Alright, Sorry about that. Here's a picture:


nothing happens when I press f11. can't get the cords no matter what I do. It's literally 20 meters from the only buyable garage in Torshavn, Faroe islands.

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08 Dec 2016 19:57

It won't work if you didn't change few things, like it's said here: http://promods.net/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=939

Are you sure that you don't use any other mods? Like Leo's ProMods addon?
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08 Dec 2016 20:59

Only mods I use are more traffic and cabin/truck related mods. It has worked completely fine with promods in all towns. Quite sure it's not a mod conflict.

After some struggling I managed to get the cords. Here is the link:


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08 Dec 2016 21:41

I can see the grass patch on the road when using just ProMods 2.11. Coordinates: (sec-0013-0021);-51040.00;13.04;-81473.55. I'm not sure what is causing it, something to do with the road type.

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