SCS is going to rescale the ATS map!

Ask questions about the ATS mod here. If useful they will be added to the Q&A / Development updates.
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19 Nov 2016 23:29

I have much more on all roads during the day. :D
Working on San Diego map, 2:5 scale:
- landscape
- details
- signage and
- company advisors (which companies to put where)

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13 Dec 2016 18:49

And the rescale is now finally officialy released.... :)

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14 Dec 2016 00:43

Now I can start to work on the editor! time to make the USA come to life.

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14 Dec 2016 15:07

Good luck Callipso.
Someday "America will be great again", or what ? :D
All the time America was and are great, but with the new rescale, will be much closer to the real map... 8-)

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14 Dec 2016 22:01

after USA ATS map rescale.. ATS is much more playable.. i like it..
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