Development on version 2.x (Hungary Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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17 Feb 2017 17:47

Well, if you're optimistic your work will be implemented in ProMods, you should give it a go ;)

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17 Feb 2017 17:49

As I am just rebuilding interchanges with keeping landscape, and MandelSoft doesn't like my work, I don't belive.
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17 Feb 2017 18:57

Perfect work .THX

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17 Feb 2017 19:20

Huge thank you for it guys! I've been waiting for it since I started palying with Promods. it's cool but will there be photos of progress??? By the way there is a huge hotel and restaurant with petrol station at the Austria-Hungary border. If you would make it, it would be awesome!
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17 Feb 2017 20:32

Sounds great to see Hungary in PR :)
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17 Feb 2017 20:36

Good work, nice !

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18 Feb 2017 13:11

It's great to see that Hungary is also getting a well-deserved rebuild - frankly, it's probably the weakest area of the vanilla Going East segment. Keep up the great work - I love the images so far! :)
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18 Feb 2017 16:33

Good news and nice pictures!

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18 Feb 2017 21:19

The territory from Going East (except Poland) need modernization now. Thanks for good informations. We wait for more. :)
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18 Feb 2017 21:25

Great news! Looks promising! I agree with JohnBart. The hungarian territory is the weakest part of the vanilla game.

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