Gap between ATS original version and C2C

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13 Apr 2017 08:21


My game seems cannot connect with original version and viva mexico and CANA Dream as i discover have gap when i drive between the city between original version of ATS with other mod (which means i cannot drive from Reeding to Portland via Hornbrook or San Simon to El Paso) How I solve it? Is it need other mod which can connect it?

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13 Apr 2017 09:40

Very strange. With order:
  • Cana Dream
  • C2C
  • Viva Mexico def (with c2c)
  • Viva Mexico model
  • Viva Mexico model 2
it should work. Do you using any other map mods?
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Hmm, I havent had any issues with that setup, granted, I'm using project North right now which isnt compat yet with cana-dream officially, but op needs to make certain that cana-dream and c2c are fully up to date... And in the order that yang gave.

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13 Jul 2017 08:19

a side note : you should avoid San Diego on the way to mexico because there the game will crash.

This problem is written a few times at the scs forum and the reason for this isn't quiet clear yet.
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