Big map combination.

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17 Aug 2017 18:06

I added RK Map The Great Steppe 1.01 to the other maps and made a mod for the whole map :)
Tested on ETS2 V1.27.2.9s as loading, not too much on roads.

Load order: ... WxkWlN4eFE ... 3F6YUNNVzg ... WVaWHVjVWM ... zN4NkNoajg ... XhybjMxXzg ... V95bksxLTQ ... 2s0QUJjMVk

Mod changes zoom, icon size, limits for:
- GPS, close 3D map, use on Route Advisor when you are inside of cities, have all informations
- GPS, far 3D map, use on Route Advisor when you are outside of cities, have minimal informations
- GPS, close and far minimap, use on Dashboard GPS
- City details, close, middle and far World Map

Mod reduce glowing.

Mod remove background for world map. Anyway is don't fit with big map.

Adapted for:
- Italy 2.0
- Project Balkans 2.5
- RusMap 1.7.3
- ProMods 2.17
- EAA 4.3
- Southern Region Map 6.5.2
- PJ Indo 2.1
- R.O.S 4.0
- R.O.C (Republic Of China) Taiwan Map & P.R.C Map add-on 0.23
- RK Map The Great Steppe 1.01

Tested on ETS2 V1.27.2.9s as loading, not too much on roads.

This mod must have higher priority.

Download from here: ... XVkQy13SEE

Feel free to change the mod if you don't like somethings or you don't have all this maps loaded :)

Update 18.08.2017:
Remove Real Traffic Density v2.2 for ProMods. Don't fit well with other maps AI Traffic, especially ROC AI Traffic. Use one of D.B Creation AI Traffic mods or not at all, depend of your PC.
Use some mods with real companies to reduce impact of EAA, ROC .... companies on europe maps
I made the change on load order images

All The Best!!!

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21 Aug 2017 08:12

That still working on 1.28? Have you upgraded to ProMods 2.18 and RusMap 1.7.4?

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21 Aug 2017 22:21

I have 1.27, don't know for 1.28

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22 Aug 2017 14:23

I made a mod with updated diesel prices [22.08.2017] for Big Map

It can be downloaded here: ... FZOVHNob00

In some countries (areas), the price is equal because I did not find exact information:

faroe = denmark
braceo, branor, brante, brasud, brasul, eldorad = brazil
isleofman, jersey, nireland = uk
lostland = south_korea - (I'm not sure it's okay)
ntr_srm = russia - (I'm not sure it's okay)
taiwan = china - (I'm not sure it's okay)
timura = indonesia - (I'm not sure it's okay)

If you have a better source of information, or you know a current average price for diesel fuel, write a message and I make the changes.

I want to go on with this mod and update other data for countries.
Information on the Internet is unclear, most of the time, especially related to speed limits.
I will have them from internet, but if you can help me with some safer information from your countries, it would be perfect :).

These are the information I need for each type of vehicle: car, articulated truck, bus:

lane_speed_class [] local_road
limit []: 80
urban_limit []: 50

lane_speed_class [] expressway
limit []: 110
urban_limit []: 50

lane_speed_class []: motorway
limit []: 130
urban_limit []: 50

If there are speed limiters mounted on the truck:

max_limit []: 90

If there are speed limiters mounted on the bus:

max_limit []: 100

If it is mandatory to turn on daytime running lights:

lights_mandatory: false

If there is driving time and rest time, mandatory:

driving_tired_offence: true

System of measurement units:

imperial_units: true

The part of traffic:

leftside_traffic: true

The countries for which I need this information can be found in the mod.

Thank You for any help!

Update 22.08.2017:
2. Speed limits for cars, trucks and buses in:
- ETS2 Countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech, Denmark, France,
Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway,
Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland and UK [update 22.08.2017]

All The Best!!!
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22 Aug 2017 14:55

Hello guys !

I m very new, I downloaded the Russian map, and its very okay, I m really not into the modding , so I did everything right and its looks pretty good, and I m also interested, where can I get the Romanian map? But just Romanian. And it fits with russian mod ? So its work 2gether ? :?:

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22 Aug 2017 16:10

As far as I know, the only map of Romania that suits RusMap is in ProMods. There are about 10 cities. Are some maps of Romania, but can't connect them (standalone maps). Check mod sites for ets2 , but I don't think you will find anything.

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01 Nov 2017 00:40

I'm looking for a long time for the mod what they have the need I please shoot me the link to the all Mod thanks

Project Balkans 2.5-Def
Project Balkans 2.5-Map
Project Balkans 2.5-Assets)
ProMods Def file 2.17 (with RusMap checked)
RusMap 1.7.3-Fix
RusMap 1.7.3-Map
RusMap 1.7.3-Models 1
RusMap 1.7.3-Models 2
RusMap 1.7.3-Def
Paris rebuild 2.1
ProMods Extension 0.2.5
Southern Region Map 6.5.2 Ferry connection to Constanta
ProMods 2.17 -Map
ProMods 2.17 -Models 1
ProMods 2.17 -Models 2
ProMods 2.17 -Models 3
ProMods 2.17 -Media
ProMods 2.17 -Assets
Southern Region Map 6.5.2-English or Polish Translation
Southern Region Map 6.5.2-Def&Map (from the patch)
Southern Region Map 6.5.2-Model3 (from the patch)
Southern Region Map 6.5-Model2
Southern Region Map 6.5-Model1
The Great Steppe 1.0-Model
The Great Steppe 1.02-Map-Fix
The Great Steppe 1.0-Def

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01 Nov 2017 14:26

I've been searching for the mod for a long time and have found nothing and am very desperate if you send me the link to thank me

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Rudi Raser
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01 Nov 2017 14:31

don´t know what you are looking for?

wenn dein englisch nicht wirklich gut ist, dann kannst du es auch hier versuchen:

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