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[Fixed] [#8540] [2.20] Misplaced Pre-Fab outside of Perth

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06 Sep 2017 22:33

Oddly it even shows on the minimap... (and yes you can see it from ground-level)
[06/09/2017 22:29] (sec-0011-0013);-43725.3;98.1746;-51644.8;2.05673;-0.495274

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Rudi Raser
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07 Sep 2017 09:50

Thanks for reporting. :)
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07 Sep 2017 12:46

Ooopps ;). I don't know how that went undetected :P , but it's gone now in our WIP, so fix should be applied in next update.
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18 Sep 2018 18:18

Fixed in 2.25.

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