Italy Map 2.0 on PMs 2.2

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20 Oct 2017 14:05

Hi everyone,
I downloaded the Promods Map 2.2 and work fine, but, being italian, I would like to have italy Map complete. Can I install Italy Map 2.0 on promods 2.2 or this crash the game? I heard that on 2.17 there were problems then fixed...


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Rudi Raser
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20 Oct 2017 22:44

have a look in this thread, and you will find all infos you need. :)

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21 Oct 2017 19:49

if I understand well (too many pages to read :D ), it works.
After all, if it does not work then I will wait for the official DLC that is close to release. :D

Thanks for info!

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01 Nov 2017 22:44

Promods 2.20 will work with italy map 2.0 + PROMODS 2.20 & ITALYMAP FIX V2.0 (search in google - and load it after both map mods (above them in loadorder)). The official dlc may be close to release but keep in mind it can take a while to be compatible with promods i think!

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08 Nov 2017 10:42

Priority For ProMods 2.20+RusMap+Italy Map 2.0(Ets 1.28.XX)
Make Sure for High Priority
Project Balkans Definition Package (v2.6)
Project Balkans Map Package
Project Balkans Assets Package
RusMap + ProMods road connection
RusMap map
RusMap model 2
RusMap model 1
ProMods def
Promods_2.2___Italy_map_2.0_fix_v2 ( ... rfree-now/)
ProMods map
ProMods media
ProMods model 3
ProMods model 2
ProMods model 1
ProMods assets
RusMap def

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