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Internet Speedtest discussion

You can talk about anything here (but respect the rules)
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Michael Rosen
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13 Nov 2015 09:38

That makes me think that i should live in a slovenian school and look on the computer :lol:
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15 Nov 2015 01:02

Rechecking after a few months, I see nothing has changed:
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15 Nov 2015 11:45

Volleybal4life wrote: Mobile internet, server: Tallinn lol
I could've selected another one manually but I thought it can select it based on ping.
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07 Dec 2015 17:33

Home cabled network:

In door 3G:
Not the best time of day to do a mobile network test.

The main line cost me over 50€/month :)

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20 Nov 2017 22:26

Vladzz-G wrote:
13 Oct 2015 17:37
This is my Internet speedtest results from my dormitory in Rīga. (tested in my PC)
At least I have the lowest ping, comparing your all speedtest results! :P :D

And then let's look, how fast mobile Internet providing my smartfone. ;)
Just tested my Internet in my new home in Jūrmala.
Does in 2015 4G wasn't avaiable then? :D My internet was greatly improved.
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21 Nov 2017 12:08

Only @ work :lol: At home it is 50/6 MB
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21 Nov 2017 13:37

Hmm... The upload speed of the Police interwebs is much faster then the download...
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21 Nov 2017 15:26

Image ;)
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21 Nov 2017 20:45

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21 Nov 2017 20:50


Welp I'm slow

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