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30 Apr 2018 10:17

Fingers crossed we'll see more of Belarus in the next update!

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30 Apr 2018 10:22

Yes and that he'll rebuild some of the old parts there. :)
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30 Apr 2018 13:09

How about some Routes to Chernobyl?

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30 Apr 2018 14:51

to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before!
:lol: is there any roads beyond the mountains to the east :?:
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30 Apr 2018 15:15

Belarus? Could it be possible that he will await for the Baltic Sea Expansion?
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30 Apr 2018 22:04

Hmm, that would make sense, considering all the new assets coming with it.

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07 May 2018 00:19

Mike7O wrote:
30 Apr 2018 14:51

:lol: is there any roads beyond the mountains to the east :?:
There are. Ever heard of the Road of Bones? That'd be an interesting and challenging drive that real-life truckers have to make every year- even in winter!
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07 May 2018 06:56

Hey, does anyone know when to expect the adaptation to 1.31? It currently crashes while I'm trying to launch the game with RusMap installed.
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07 May 2018 07:38


1.31 is still in beta - the version 1.31 will be after (how long nobody knows) the release of 1.31.

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07 May 2018 12:18

I had a tour from Krasnodar to Volgograd. And from Volgograd to Uralsk..

Is Volgograd still part of the Rusmap or is it already the great steppe?

When I had delivered in Uralsk I drove to the last dead end in south east. The roads there are really bad..
It s interesting to drive there but the tours are very long without a town or something.. Sometimes you're thinking you're getting lost somewhere there..
I am glad if a take the next tour back in civilisation..back to Russia und really lucky if I get back to Germany back to Hamburg where my companie's home is... :)
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