Development on version 2.x (Autobahn Rebuilding Project)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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09 Apr 2018 19:24

Emm ... this isn't that important since the development is on another place (watch first page) and don't expect that they will defenitely build Kaiserslautern.
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11 Apr 2018 18:09

Lars0412 wrote:
09 Apr 2018 19:03
And Not to forget the uns Air Force with their biggest airport.
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20 Apr 2018 22:15

Hi, does the development map picture (dated from July 2017) be on pair with the current (or the last ones) versions of Promods? With 2.26 and 2.20 I mean

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27 Apr 2018 23:32

What is the with the A 45 ?
The so-called "Sauerland Line"
From Westhofener Kreuz to Selligenstätter Dreick.
Will that be in the new map?

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28 Apr 2018 10:44


currently there is no development in germany (because of other priorities).

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05 May 2018 20:08

I saw that SCS made new signs for Germany. So are they going to rebuild it ?

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05 May 2018 20:29 wrote: You can look forward to such retouches appearing especially in Europe later this year

There seems to be hints of something happening
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06 May 2018 00:29

I hope that Promods team won't consider that in Germany.
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06 May 2018 17:21

TimG95 wrote:
05 May 2018 20:08
I saw that SCS made new signs for Germany. So are they going to rebuild it ?
where you saw that?
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06 May 2018 18:18

In the map editor. In 1.31 there are new assets for the BBS (unrecommended to use) as well as some tools retouched.
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