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01 Apr 2018 21:53

What are you using to unpack it? 7 zip?
What does the test say?
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30 Apr 2018 17:50

PLS Help I have download all files but the first file must be a winrar or a 7zip file but its a 001 file how do i fix this
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30 Apr 2018 22:00

Right click and choose open with ('openen met...' in Dutch). From there you should be able to select 7Zip file manager or WinRAR.

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20 May 2018 18:19

hey all i download the promods-v227.7z.001 and it is saying its broken what i need to do?

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20 May 2018 18:27

You need all files not only 1.
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22 May 2018 18:27

Today i download all part of pro mods 2.27 when i extract all 7 file then i got error and i am unable to extract file.i have ets 1.31.1 and download pro mod via free download

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22 May 2018 18:30

Unfortunately the free download is down, it will be fixed as soon as a server admin is available

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22 May 2018 19:00

Priyam wrote:
22 May 2018 18:27
... when i extract all 7 file then i got error and i am unable to extract file.
When the download server is working again, please download the "ProMods file testing tool". How to download, extract, and run it is described in steps 6 and 7 of the [TUTORIAL] How To Install & Update ProMods [2.27]. This will tell you which part(s) of the multi-part archive are a problem and need to be redownloaded.

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01 Jun 2018 20:34

I really want to install promods, but for some strange reason is archive 1 always corrupted. I tried different browsers and still got the same problem. I don't have paypal so i can't buy the easier version. Has anyone an idea how to solve this problem? Thankyou in advance :)
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01 Jun 2018 21:36

Did you download all parts before trying to extract?
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