Game crashes when using the map

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25 Aug 2013 12:50

I got a problem that when I only have the 4 files that belongs too the Scandinavian map in the mod folder the game crashes???? , I have the 1.4.12 patch.

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25 Aug 2013 14:07

We only have 3 scs files. Did you do the right steps as prescribed in the download section?
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27 Oct 2013 17:04

if u have the files with a notepad icon to the left of it then u will need to drop the files in and type in .scs after the file name. If done correctly, the file will say .scs.scs after the file name when you go to the edit page of the profiles section

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27 Oct 2013 21:25

Are you bloody joking?!?!?!?!?! RoadRageDude, you CANNOT have two file extensions on one file. And, besides, Notepad CANNOT work with the .scs format therefore NO .scs file will have the Notepad icon in front of it. But you CAN use it to edit .sii files which are basicly TEXT files but not ARCHIVE. Don't get me wrong though, trying to be helpful. If that helps........
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27 Oct 2013 21:34

well MGM since i did it by mistake its working for me so far.

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