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18 Nov 2018 22:56

Hey, I'm Hakima. I'm a professional driver on the Rotterdam-Madrid route pulling a reefer. I own ETS2 for years now, but only became really interested when SCS added the DAF E6. I live in one (A 410, 6spd automatic.), so living in one virtually was just a logical step.
If you're wondering about my profile foto, it's from a site that made a 'Sim' out of you based on a protrait-foto. I'm a dutch-born indo.

I discovered Pro-Mods a long time ago, from when Poland Rebuilding was still a separate download. Rusmap followed shortly after and I have been running these maps eversince. My must-have mods are Sisle flat-UI and Sisle-Megapack. The flat-ui just makes ETS2 look more modern and is easier to use, Megapack for the co-drivers. IRL my partner comes along oftenly (As her work allows.) and in-game I have 'Julliette' to act as my partner virtually. (The other girls in the Megapack seem so dis-interested, as if they don't want to be there.) While driving I use the mod that places the important information in a single bar on the bottom of the screen. I forgot the name, but having the information at your fingertips there makes it very easy to calculate when I should rest, as opposed to waiting for the yawning to happen.

The E6 in-game is a total work of fiction though, not at all like my DAF IRL. I just went crazy with Pendragon mods, light mods and add-on mods. (The amount of powered axles on my virtual-truck are positively illegal IRL, lol.) My IRL DAF is very luxurious, but because of it being driven internationally, a 4x2 and due to dutch laws not as flamboyant as I would like on the outside. Inside though... Nicer than my studio where I stay over the weekend. (At least the bills have a place to go, I myself rather stay at my partner's.)

When I'm not driving on Madrid, I usually do Rotterdam-Palermo. Every once in a blue moon I get Moscow thrown in my lap, but for trips on Russia I have to take a bodyguard along because Russia is unsafe for a woman to go at it solo. I'm very old-school IRL, I carry maps of Europe and city-maps with me and I calculate when to refuel by sticking a ruler into the tank. The onboard computer is also good for that, but it's too conservative. The ruler-method gives you the correct distance left. I also use a GPS, but a current city-map usually allows for plotting a more efficient route. A good map of France will also save one lots of Euros wasted on tollbooths. In ETS I can do more or less the same, by plotting routes that avoid tollbooths as much as possible on the world-map.

I thoroughly dislike Truckers-MP. Tried it once, left and never returned. The amount of idiots is too goddamn high!

That kinda is it, I guess. Honk if you see me on the autostrade... I'm not that hard to miss.

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19 Nov 2018 00:26

Hello Hakima and welcome to the ProMods forum and community!
ProMods moderator, translator, and tester. ATS and ETS2 player and modder. Author e.g. of the Profile Jumpstart mods. Fennoswede from the Finnish archipelago.

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19 Nov 2018 06:25

Hello Hakima and welcome to Promods! Happy Trucking

Best Regards,
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Currently: Rebuilding Munich

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19 Nov 2018 18:36

Hi Hakima and welcome to the community! :D

ProMods Junior Beta-Tester and Translator

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