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10 Jan 2019 13:27

I've downloaded all the files. But for some reason I can't un-compress them with 7zip. The program either says that the file is not compressed, or that it can't be read.

Thank you for your time

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10 Jan 2019 13:30

Did you use the free or paid download method?
Could you show us a screenshot of that error?
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11 Jan 2019 10:57

I'm using the free method. Test files doesn't give any errors
Only problem is that 7zip can't extract the files. 7zip says that it could not open the file (first line). And the second line is a data error

Last time I tried while the file was formed as .001, 7zip was saying that it could not open it/it is not compressed. Now that I moved everything to a different folder from the mods folder, it works. Sorry if I wasted your time
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