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[REL] Project Japan - Japan re-created in 1:19

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25 Aug 2018 00:29

The attention to detail displayed in this map design is honestly astonishing. Keep up the fantastic work, I cannot wait to see where this will go!
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25 Aug 2018 10:17

This is good news. The AI for me are a problem as most of them are European, will there be AI vehicles popular in Japan (Like Kei Cars)?
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08 Oct 2018 11:09

Great map for ETS 2. I can't wait for new updates!


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24 Oct 2018 13:53

Could we get some new information on this project please? Thanks in advance.
stoked_dude wrote:
26 Dec 2017 15:56
No sorry, because of the new map projection we could not get the map working correctly as a add-on which is why we decided to make it stand-alone.
So there is basically no chance for this map to work with ProMods?
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24 Oct 2018 15:44

It's an stand-alone map. It has never been working with ProMods.
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24 Oct 2018 15:47

At first, before release, I deeply hoped for ProMods compatibility, but I have actually changed my mind; I am now happy it's a standalone map. It gives it even more of a distinctive feel, almost as if it were its own game.
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25 Oct 2018 12:55

I agree with Davyddin. I for one like standalone maps. It allows me to have a profile which concentrates on that map and it's unique feel. Too large of a map and it all kind of blends together, you lose the uniqueness, in my opinion.

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13 Jan 2019 21:21

I am not trying to push anyone with this message, but... Is there a version coming out for 1.33 or an update or something else? Patch 3 of this mod doesn't work with 1.33 sadly...
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14 Jan 2019 00:40

i think it is not developed anymore.
id777 ;)

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21 Aug 2019 18:37

[Updated 1st page, but I'm still on holiday, so support might be scarce]
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