[REL] Project Balkans 3.4 for 1.35

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01 Mar 2019 18:13

Will be some connections from Croatian highway A1 from Makarska to Mostar and then to Sarajevo and Banja Luka?

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02 Mar 2019 11:17

Hi. I have latest version of game 1.34 and Pro Mod 2.33, and is this mod compatible with this versions ??

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02 Mar 2019 17:22

just read the topic title: "Project Balkans 3.0 for 1.33" - so it is incompatible with 1.34.

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02 Mar 2019 17:45

Mercedes2002CZ wrote:
01 Mar 2019 18:13
Will be some connections from Croatian highway A1 from Makarska to Mostar and then to Sarajevo and Banja Luka?
Plans are for such thing, yes. But we want to wait for Promods to do that strip into Montenegro, rregarding sectors in the map. It's much easier adding something, than copy-paste into your already developed work :)
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02 Mar 2019 17:46

On my PC all works great with that mod on 1.34.

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03 Mar 2019 08:57

Apparently work for me to. I try and drive little from Slavonski Brod to Hungary and it is work. No crashing for now.
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03 Mar 2019 14:11

A new version of Project Balkans, version 3.1, has been released! It only includes compatibility update for 1.34 update. Download it here: https://sharemods.com/o3e8vlpe4ncy/Proj ... 1.zip.html
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13 Mar 2019 08:13

tbh as great as this mod looks, most people wont bother as its incompatible with roextended (which is much larger, and has similar level of detail, especially in ukraine. would be great if a future version is made compatible with roextended (maybe by merging serbia as thats the only area overlapping with roextended. love the look of albania and bosnia, a shame i cant use it :/

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13 Mar 2019 12:02

Balkans Serbia is much better quality
id777 ;)

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13 Mar 2019 16:22

dalmatian666 wrote:
13 Mar 2019 08:13
(...) as great as this mod looks, most people wont bother as its incompatible with roextended (...)
That would be a shame, since both expansions are really worth adding!

Fortunately, this is not a question of "either - or", since there's a workaround easy to perform:
As far as I'm concerned, I run a "pure" ProMods profile including Project Balkans and a secondary, more eastward leaning profile with RoExtended, Rusmap, Southern Region and the Great Steppe. This way, I additionally avoid the expanded loading times of all those addons when just trucking in Central Europe. As soon as I'm in the mood to climb into a beaten up Kamaz or Roman truck, I'll switch to the eastern profile.

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is a piece of cake.

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