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cant get 2.27 to work

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29 Mar 2019 18:59

Hey guys, after a long break I decided to come back. since I don't have the latest expansions yet I wanted to play the latest version that had all the DLCS I own, being 2.27 on ETS version 1.31x. I cant seem to generate the def file though,,only download a whole def package which doesn't seem to help. Game crashes on loading into the world. Any help? (other than just buy the DLCS and play the latest version <.<) I have the mods placed correctly, used a paid download, and and have ETS on the 1.31 version. Any ideas?

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29 Mar 2019 20:09

You forgot the game.log.txt
It is a bit hard to help without it.
Do you have only promods?
All files in the right place?
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29 Mar 2019 23:09

weird last post didn't come trough. Anyway I put it in the right place, since I've used promods before. Weird thing is the Def file for 2.27 seemed unusually large. Might there be anything up with that? Anyway thanks for the reply anyway. I'll happily dump once I figured out how.

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29 Mar 2019 23:31

The def files were larger then as we have moved a lot of the content from the def pack to the map pack (such as sign templates). This is not something to be concerned about.
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