Development on version 1.x (British Columbia Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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20 Apr 2019 17:39

PerrydPelle wrote:
20 Apr 2019 10:52
Looks awesome! But please make compatibility with C2C.
That will likely be the responsibility of the C2C team. It will only be necessary when bordering a state that SCS hasn't done yet. There should be no compatibility issues with the release of Washington and later British Columbia.

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20 Apr 2019 19:36

OMG ............... Amazing!!!!

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21 Apr 2019 00:14

Just gotta ask this very important question for hockey fans like me: Kamloops, Kelowna, and of course Vancouver all have popular hockey teams. Will there be hockey arenas at all, or ads or any mention of the greatest sport in the world? I certainly hope that we'll at least be able to drive past Roger's Arena in Van.

Also, please include a hanging hockey puck for a Promods ATS Accessories pack.

hockey hockey hockey

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21 Apr 2019 00:25

Amazing news and very much looking forward to it

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21 Apr 2019 03:22

This will be great.....I live there....Just outside of Vancouver
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21 Apr 2019 08:00

That yours "Highway thru hell - Coquihalla DLC" (that's awesome :D :D :D :D :D :D :D ) will cooperate with MHAPro map mod or it is a death sentence for Alex work on my ATS?
Is there Jamie Davies Heavy Rescues base included (maybe even lowbed with wrecker to haul)?

Now only Alberta remains and whole show will be completed.
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21 Apr 2019 08:31

Unless the two maps take up the same area of the map It should work with most other ATS map mods ;)
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21 Apr 2019 10:02

Great news! Can't wait for the release :D
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21 Apr 2019 12:02

Thats great news, your work Brickathome is really fantastic. I'll be looking out for that Jamie Davis Towing workshop as we cruise through Hope. .
Good Luck
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21 Apr 2019 15:35

I cant wait for the day,when i can drive to Promods Canada. ;)


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