Real truck drivers?

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18 Jul 2015 03:05

n4gix.bill.leaming wrote:[
I care about myself. If I stink so much I can smell myself, I get nauseous. As for the gas, if it isn't flatus then I really have a problem! Hence the "Depends*" :oops:
You just need to dedicate more time and effort to the cause. It's like kids eating broccoli, they hate it to begin with because it's green (strange considering how much they like picking their nose) but if you keep shoving it down their throats they eventually get used to it. Same goes for putting up with yourself, eventually the nausea will pass even if it does take a few attempts, but what doesn't break us only makes us stronger.

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18 Jul 2015 12:24

Does driving a (Scania) fire appliance count?

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16 Dec 2018 14:34

I drive a B-Double in Australia

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16 Dec 2018 16:13

Drive an regular 44t articulated here in the UK, for around 20yrs now, some come off the back of the golden age of trucking and into the modern world, things have changed massively, some for the better, some for the worse, we are spoilt by the modern trucks and all the gadgets now, hence when I play this game I tend to drive an old school fully manual box, would be nice to see a proper Eaton Twin Split and ERF truck one day, played many good tunes on that gearbox back in the day while I was learning it :D

Re finding jobs:

A case of talking to people when you arrive at places , ie every new job/delivery you do is a chance to make a new contact and talk about job opportunities.

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13 Jan 2019 17:14

I drive a 3.5 tonne Renault Master, does it count as a truck? :D It is a kinda small truck, but fortunetaly without a tachograph and other limitations, that driving a real over 3.5 tonne truck comes with ;)

The photo has been taken on a Croatian-Slovenian border :)


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I do have a commercial driver license for Truck (European C + E) and Bus (European D + E), but I do not drive commercially in the sense that I actually deliver any cargo. I do delivery verdicts ;-)
I work for an IT company that develops logistical software and offering officially certified OBCS expansion addons for DAF, Scania and Mercedes. Currently we're in the works to get a Volvo license.
These certifications means we can extend the onboard computer system (OBCS) with additional modules and interact with existing modules like GPS or cruise control.. We also provide trailer reversing camera systems, if a trailer is connected, the reverse camera will show the trailer camera instead of the rear cabin camera and via ultrasonic distance sensors we can also show the space around a trailer and therefor reduce the change of damage or worse, accidents.

In order to test these systems for driver, truck, trailer(s) and cargo we need to perform test drives and that is where my commercial license comes in.
Since november we're also developing an addon module for the Mercedes Tourismo coach bus, but during the summer months (May - Aug) we won't have access to a vehicle as it is going to be used.
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23 Apr 2019 14:22

I myself nowdays study to become truck driver, i will get my C-licence in June, CE licence little bit later this year.
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I also study to become a truck driver. I will get BECE-licence (Car with heavy trailer and truck with heavy trailer) and licence for wheel loader, forklift and truck-mounted crane.

In Sweden, secondary school is the only case where you can learn driving truck and trailer (24 m) in traffic without having a B-licence first.

The trucks we drive have fully manual gearbox with split and range and everything. It takes a while to learn. :D

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