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30 Apr 2019 12:38

Ach, thanks, CAPLV, finally i could buy Baltic and Oregon together under 20 euro's :-), so i can install latest PM this week. Happyyyyyyy....
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08 May 2019 12:30

Hopefully you will have some time fixing the mess SCS made with Baltics. Promods version WAS much better. And that comes from an ACTUAL Estonian :D Keep up the good work chaps

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08 May 2019 14:37

Always possible to downgrade the game and play with old ProMods Baltic.
Altho, current game version does not need any downgrade.
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17 Jul 2019 08:35

I live in Lithuania and Latvia and DLC beyond the baltic sea Look like Shit! Realy guys. please update to promods version LT and LV. Thanks promods!

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17 Jul 2019 12:58

While we appreciate that you like ProMods' work—thank you—please be more respectful and constructive in your feedback on SCS' work. The BTBS is modern work with new models, and there is certainly also much to like about it. What is it that you find bad in Lithuania and Latvia, specifically? How could it be improved to be more realistic?
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19 Jul 2019 01:13

I know a C# developer from St. Petersburg and he said that SCS did capture the city very well.
He was actually so impressed that he bought the base game + Baltic DLC just to drive through his 'own' city.

You want to know what cities really look like crap? All the cities that come from ETS1, GTS and UKTD.. Those cities are nothing more that usually a grid of 2 x 2 streets..
SCS really started to step up their game with the Scandinavia DLC..

Even today my trucking company is located in Kristiansand, Norway. I find Norway still one of the most beautiful countries in the game..
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02 Aug 2019 08:07

This is my first map DLC so I might be a little overexcited about it, but I do think it not only extends the map but creates some fresh vibe

TLDR; I like it

MG Mike
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04 Dec 2019 13:31

I had never been at one of these states, but to be honest I think the scs work looks better than promods. At least regarding to the new models.

Examples the border from Kaliningrad to Lithuania at Tilsit and Panemune with that bridge with the arch. This looks wide more realistic like the former promods version. Or the border crossing from Estland to Russia at Narva looks also way better exept you had this Narva border mod addon.
Maybe the road network was more realistic by Promods. And also Promods had these isles and the little peninsula at I think it was Klaipeda with that ferry.
This is now missing. But who knows? Maybe it will be returned?! Now in the new black sea DLC there is a small river ferry with a animation. Maybe this technique can be used at Klaipeda again? Maybe with another ferry model..

But all in all the design of the buildings and cities and the landscape looks pretty good.

I think the landscape (fields and woods, trees along the road and so on) is similar to northern germany IRL. At the germany rebuild scs has too many hills at northern germany. It should look more like the Baltic landscape or the old promods version. I think scs should consider a re rebuilt or a all new rebuilt of germany with all mapping team, instead of only a few people doing it while the rest makes the next DLC. I would even go so far and pay for a really new germany including new Swiss and Austria with newer alpine mountains..
All the cities in there are almost all at the same old design.. They got only minor cosmetic upgrades but in fact they are the same boring grid with 2 by 4 roads as before, while in Baltics the cities are far more interesting and looking more realistic.

The only cities which are in germany better now after the rebuilt are Dresden. city itself is almost the same but it has a real life based Autobahn exit with the long bridge near the river Elbe and has now also a more realistic A17 with that two mountains with the castle on it..
Next city which has a little improved was Frankfurt and Nürnberg and Kassel but only with more scenery.. More roads or more realistic roads are still rarely. The rest are all in all same old cities.. Hamburg, Bremen, Osnabrück and Rostock for example haven't improved really.

So I think there is much more work to do in germany instead of Baltic states...

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01 Apr 2020 23:38

As I can see, at some point ProMods was merged with ScS DLCs and lost some unique content which earlier versions had. E.g. I really enjoyed more detailed Latvian towns comparing to original ETS2. Unfortunately in recent ProMods updates they are looking same as original ones. Could you guide me which version of ProMods to download, before this major change was applied? Thank you

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Rudi Raser
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01 Apr 2020 23:42

before the Baltic DLC merge, 2.33.
have a look here: https://www.promods.net/compat.php
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