What do you think about DLC 'Road to the Black Sea?'

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10 May 2019 17:43

jackalnxt, let's hope it is in.
Only downside, it is quite close to Bucharest.
Good side, not close to other Bulgarian cities.
I think I would bet on Ruse being more than a scenery city.

Regarding my Balkan calculations...
Balkan area 790k km². "789 892 km²"
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10 May 2019 17:54

I'm excited about this DLC, but at the same time I'm worried about future compatibility between Roex and ProMods. Roex is my favorite map and ProMods my second favorite, so losing compatibility between the whould be a huge disaster.

Photonic wrote:
10 May 2019 16:45
I welcome it. Promods Romania is in need of updating and Turkey being a long waited addition to the game is finally coming. Unfortunately we will loose Bulgaria, but fortunately not much will be lost since Bulgaria is from complete.

I was expecting more countries to be included, but maybe SCS avoided the rest of the Balkans due to politics?
I don't think SCS cares about politics, otherwise they would not have made this topic on there forum https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=249&t=267671
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10 May 2019 18:09

Shiva, I hope you are right. At the very minimum, it should be a scenic town since so much of the main roads pass through it. It's actually one of top 3 largest Bulgarian cities in terms of territory (by population its number 5). Bucharest also shouldn't be a concern since the Danube alone makes a huge disconnect.

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10 May 2019 18:37

Looks pretty nice, can't wait to drive between the Transylvanian mountains made with the new mountain creating tool! :D

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10 May 2019 18:53

How many cities do you think the new dlc will include per country and in total?

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10 May 2019 23:42

As a Turkish person, I think that if the priority would be Iberia and ex-Yugoslavian territory, it would be more logical. Anyway, looks like Promods Team now have a really good place to work on: Anatolia!

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11 May 2019 01:15

Romania: 17 Cities
Bulgaria: 12 Cities
Western Turkey: 5 Cities
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11 May 2019 08:15

cjh2705, that is possible.
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11 May 2019 12:16

3 countries that were really needed since the beginning of ETS2. Will be a great DLC, just like all of them.
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11 May 2019 12:25

Great that now Promods will have a better Romania and not that old from 2.0 :)
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