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ets2 1.35 beta

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11 May 2019 12:38


also, there wont be even official version for beta releases..

you must wait official 1.35 ets2 version and.. probably after some time promods will release proper version for ets2 1.35..
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11 May 2019 12:47

Never. Promods will never do any work for betas. Only when a stable version of the game comes out, the team will do the work. But probably it will be 2.41.
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11 May 2019 13:42

When it's ready, i guess :D
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12 May 2019 15:52


never - ProMods is never compatibile with betas.

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24 May 2019 17:15

Hello 1.35 has directx 11 and does not be beta anymore, we need promods support now please!

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24 May 2019 17:29

ETS2 1.35 is still in Open Beta. And PM 2.41 won't come anytime soon.
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24 May 2019 17:37

Bluscream wrote:
24 May 2019 17:15
...and does not be beta anymore, ...

No Support via PM!

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24 May 2019 17:40

and even if it would be already the stable 1.35, it wont release ProMods immedatly. It's ready when it's ready, as always.
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25 May 2019 02:27

The gap between SCS and Promods isn't really a problem. Just think of the SCS update as the cherry on top of any new Promods update. You can run old versions easily. Promods as always provides an incredible service that drastically improves the game, so it's always worth playing on their schedule rather than SCS' schedule.
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25 May 2019 15:28

I don't want to be the one who keeps asking about the release date of the next ProMods version, but I would like to ask something close to it.

May I ask that will you start the work on 2.41 when the stable 1.35 kicks in or did you already start to work on it? :)

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