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16 May 2019 08:57

Hello all!

Well, there was mentioned that sometimes you can have GPU approved by NASA, but your ETS2 with ProMods will not run smoothly.
I've some quick questions around this topic and maybe even to someone from ProMods.

I'm currently using ProMods (Now turned off), RusMap (currently on) and just some additional mods ( not map mods ). At all I found something interesting in graphic settings.

Default settings:
Vertical -> Disabled
Scalling -> 100 - 125%
Result -> Playable but with FPS drop ( 10-15FPS )

New settings:
Vertical -> Enabled ( not economy )
Scalling -> 300%
Result -> Runs very smoothly without any kind of FPS drops ( only if its raining ), better quality and etc.

How can be this possible? Even higher graphic settings with better results???
At all currently I've turned off ProMods, because when I play in with, I have kinda FPS drops in bends and inside cities.

@Promods - Is there any kind of chance, that mod can be optimized? I really mean, that when 1060 isnt even good to play at least on high details without FPS drops thats kinda bad. I mean, I love your mods and work so much, really but they arent optimized at all. If you need help with it well, I think we can do something and also I think there are so much players that are developers and etc. Because for example, GTX1060 can run Forza 4, Battlefield 1 on Ultra without any kind of drops and I think this is kinda better enviroment and generally graphic quality... Without promods I can run ETS2 very smoothly and everything is really great. So why not with it? I know it cost you so much time and also money, so I'm really here to help.

@Players - Could you post there your graphic settings also with your setup maybe if you havent any kind of drops and ETS2 even with promods runs smooth? My specs are bellow.


GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB Xtreme Edition
CPU: I5 - 8400
RAM: 16GB 2133mhz DDR4
MB: Asus ROG Strix B360-F Gaming
HDD: SSD - Samsung 860Evo ( I mean, not sure )

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16 May 2019 09:00


currently the game only supports Direct-X 9, which is old and therefore limiting the grapic card.
With the next game version (1.35) you can use Direct-X 11, and then the game runs better.

Best regards,
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16 May 2019 09:22


currently I havent problem with the game itself, but with promods, well if ETS2 will support DX11 will be this " optimization "
applicable also to promods? Means if it will runs better too xD

Thank you :)

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17 May 2019 05:54

Yes it will
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17 May 2019 17:03

Hey there @doubleofficialm! :)

I see you have a pretty nice rig. Mine isn't even close to that (4Gb RAM, 1050Ti, Core i3 550(10 years old!), Windows 10). :lol: I think I found a solution how to get ETS2 run smooth with Promods included.

Note: Not sure if it's because of my settings or because of I had cleanded my PC the day before, so it could not improve that drastically.

First of all, do you have Nvidia Inspector installed on your PC? If so choose the profile of Euro Truck SImulator 2, then reset everything to the defaults. after that: change the following:
Vertical Sync: Force on
Anisotropic filtering mode: User defined / Off
Anisotropic filtering setting: 16x

Apply the changes. The in-game settings are the following:
Brightness: Default
Fulllscreen applied
Vertical Sync: Off
DOF: Off
Sun rays: On
Color correction. On
Scalling: Most of the time it's on 150-200% for me
Reflection quality: High
Weather quality: high
Shadow quality: high
Shadow buffer size (not sure if it's called this, it's the option under the shadow quality): High
Grass density: Low
Vegetation: Maximum
Texture Quality: Maximum
Anisotropic filtering: Slider to the left completely
Normal mapping: Off
Lights: Medium

Game version: 1.34
This is all I can remember. After these settings applied I have 60fps in BtBS, France DLC, and in Promods areas, except in cities where I have ~30 and at junctions and prefabs 50, and I'm using Next-Gen graphic mod with IWR6! With your PC it could easily run 60 90% of the time, I guess. After 1.35 kicks in, I definitely suggest to enable DX11.
Let me know if you had any significant fps improvements.

Happy trucking!

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