Development on version 2.x (British Isles Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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14 May 2019 08:30

Red Cow interchange
Not a bad 1 :)
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14 May 2019 17:49

Funny, I once stayed at the Red Cow Hotel for a business conference
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14 May 2019 19:07

And I stayed there when I was working on the project to rebuild the junction. Fun Fact: It used to be a roundabout and we reused the two over-bridges to construct slip roads for the new junction. It isn’t the only junction on the M50 that is made up from parts of the old one either.
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15 May 2019 15:09

Now I wonder if we have mutual friends. I also worked on that contract, unfortunately I'm still here though working for Roadstone :)
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21 May 2019 00:08

Thank you for much for the improvemens you have made to the UK in Promods! I only download it now and again, and it had been a while. But doing a trip down to and through London felt like I was actually going through London for a change rather than now nameless city. Especially when I found myself joining the North Circular... which I used to live near as a kid. Also I took my first trip to Ireland (to a place I also lived for a while) Wexford. And Rosslare Harbour was pretty much within the micro limitations of ETS2 fairly accurate... (though it was missing a bus stop). Unfortunately Wexford town, (an iconic coastal town in Ireland (and once famous harbour) was a little less recognisable... with the road and roundabouts going around the town actually fairly close in, but I was pleased that the bridge was there (crossed it many times) even if I had to go out of my way to see it. Either way it was nice to visit some of the places I have lived over the years. So Thank you very much for all your hard work!

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21 May 2019 12:48

Hey dudes. I've been a lurker here for a long time, really appreciate all the work you guys do, the improvements on the map are fantastic.

I was just wondering if South West UK is in the pipeline for improvements at all? Plymouth is really the only city thats been mapped in the area and I've been eagerly awaiting something else to be added for a while now as I live in the SW.

I notice you do have a junction for Exeter so I'm guessing that's a possibility? There's also towns further into Cornwall like Penzance, Truro, St Ives, Liskaerd etc that could be considered. I'm pretty sure Bristol isn't in the game yet either, but there is signage for it.

I just feel like the South West area of the UK has been a little overlooked. However, the roadworks coming out of Plymouth and the 30mph limit is infuriating and completely accurate :D

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29 May 2019 13:55

Sometimes an area doesn't have a landmark as such, but it's the unique parts of an area that makes it recognisable; Like for instance this painted 'mural' here in the centre of Builth Wells.


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29 May 2019 14:01

Wow! Great job!
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29 May 2019 14:26

As seen on Facebook.
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29 May 2019 16:16

Astonishing work!

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