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Please note that TruckersMP (multi-player) is still on game version 1.36 / ProMods 2.45

Game update 1.35

Ask questions about the mod here. If useful they will be added to the Q&A / Development updates.
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08 Jun 2019 14:39

You don't need to set Steam in offline mode to be able to play at 1.34 version

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10 Jun 2019 13:14

Good, there were some updates where Promods had their update pretty soon after the SCS update, ok..

But this time there are so many changes especially with Dx 11 that makes it not so easy.

And I think the next Promodsversion will be some kind of 2.41 which will be working with 1.35 but has no merge with the new SCS germany part 2. I guess this will take longer and would lead to PM 2.45 or so..

For now I play the 1.35 without Promods and test some mods. The new germany is worthy to play without PM for a while. And so I can look around and see what is all original and what not.. I mostly played with promods since the original Germany was ugly.. But the rebuilt is quite nice, but PM version stays still better.
And not to forget PM has so many more areas like Spain, north scandinavia, Balkan states and so on.. And Poland is more nicer with PM map..

Therefore I think I will rollback after a while playing at 1.35 and then go back to 1.34 with pm 2.40..

Anyway, it is possible to play promods, so there is no need for impatience from my side.. The new stuff from 1.35 is nice, no question about it, but not that important that I would make pressure to the team for the next update
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13 Jun 2019 10:24

According to SCS, neither Pro Mods 2.4 or Rus Map 1.81 are compatible with ETS2 1.35; as such, are there plans to upgrade Pro Mods Maps to be compatible with ETS2 1.35?

I will, at this point, assume there is so can you give us any insight as to when it might be ready for downloading please?

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13 Jun 2019 11:01

I have not tested, but there is an uofficial update for RusMap that works with ETS2 v1.35?

ProMods that works with ETS2 v1.35? It's ready when it's ready.

In steam it is possible to downgrade to v1.34.
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14 Jun 2019 19:35

wombat457 wrote:
13 Jun 2019 10:24
are there plans to upgrade Pro Mods Maps to be compatible with ETS2 1.35?
I hope so, if not, probably i will be done with ETS in no time. The only thing that keeps the game going (specially for people playing it since years ago) is promods. Nothing else. Im just collecting the mods i usually use for 1.35 and prepare the game for when the next version of promods is ready. Im not in a hurry, but if at some point i hear that promods will be closed, then i will probalby quit ETS2.
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14 Jun 2019 19:36

yes it will get updated for 1.35, but it still requires some Beta testing to make sure there are no fatal issues in the released Version
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15 Jun 2019 11:50

So ProMods version for 1.35 patch is currently in testing phase now? That would be good news!

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15 Jun 2019 17:07

You know some of us actually try to support the developers here by using the purchased download option each time. Is it too much to ask for, at least, a rough road map rather than just being snarky and rude to the users?

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Thank you to @Trucker2223 for a courteous answer...

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16 Jun 2019 01:04

Agreed. If it wasn't for the fact that this map mod is so good; I'd told them to shove it up their azz ages ago. :x
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16 Jun 2019 01:38

If they set a release date, people will pressure and be agressive if they don't achieve the FREE work in that date. It happened in the past. But we can predict that before RttBS (fall 2019) there will be a version of promods to work on 1.35.
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