Development on version 2.x (British Isles Edition)

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02 Jul 2019 11:00

I'm currently working on East Anglia, but at some point in the future I'll see if I can add some more roads in Scotland, if space permits ;)
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02 Jul 2019 11:04

StephenHunterUK wrote:
29 Jun 2019 21:55
Is there any way to add sheep?
There are some sheep already holding up traffic in South Wales.
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02 Jul 2019 14:37

Regarding sheep.
There are other parts of Europe, that could use those on roads.
Smaller roads tho.
Mid, midnorth Sweden, bordering Norway.

I should drive more on British isles after next update.
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02 Jul 2019 21:05

the Uk looks great is their any further devolpment in lincolnshire such as Elsham wolds Ind estate down the A15 or Immingham port (one of the largest in the uk) or Maybe scunthorpe? big steel works thanks.

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04 Jul 2019 01:07

The reason why I request Peterborough is because the A15 starts in peterborough and runs all the way to the M180 junction for Hull.

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05 Jul 2019 20:23

Is there point download 2.41 or is London still laggy - should I wait for 2.42 and beyond?

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05 Jul 2019 20:35

It didn't change 2.40 -> 2.41 and probably won't change in the next version, as we didn't see many complaints about performance there.
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05 Jul 2019 20:36

Hmm, There's just lots of assets and cars in a small area, which produces lag which is a little annoying for a London boii

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05 Jul 2019 20:39

London is a big and important city, normal that many assets are used on. I don't think that city is laggy, pretty fine.

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05 Jul 2019 21:08

Might've been just 2.40...

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