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03 Jul 2019 11:58

Read a bit around in the very topic you're posting in... It has already been asked, and answered many times now.

Page 4:
ScuL wrote:
16 Jun 2019 19:14
Engineer_USA wrote:
15 Jun 2019 17:10
Is it too much to ask for, at least, a rough road map
We don't work with road maps. We work with volunteers and the developers free up their time when they have time... People that have jobs, exams and other real life things going on.

So here is a summary what happened when 1.35 came out:
* we do a conversion of the map from 1.34 to 1.35 and test it for faults
* many graphical errors with black textures appear because of the DX11 conversion
* we hunt and check for these files and update all of our models
* then random crashes appeared caused by new AI algorithms associated with the GPS voice navigation
* after about 2 weeks of bug hunting we find the cause of the crashes
* then we update the prefabs
* merging Germany begins and we chose to insert certain areas and exclude certain areas
* after the merging some areas need to be rebuilt or upgraded from scratch (notably Nürnberg)
* final details such as signs are placed and the updated map areas are checked for holes, gaps, invisible walls and the likes
* then the "beta" version is distributed to all of our testers who check it in DX9, DX11 and have to cover every single new bit of road to make sure there are no critical faults

We are now at that final stage and after the results of the testing come in we still have about 500 bugs to improve, repack, test again with a release candidate and then prepare the release for distribution.

How long does this take? Not sure.. 2 weeks, 4 weeks.. if we set a release date we will ALWAYS get complaints when we don't make the date. Therefore we cannot give any indications.
1.35 has been a really big update that changes a lot to the game engine, therefore it takes time for us to adapt our work. Extracted the mod exceeds 7GB now..
Lol, great minds think alike :lol: :mrgreen:
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03 Jul 2019 13:11

Don't complain. Without economic benefits, there will naturally be no efficiency.

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03 Jul 2019 14:11

Volleybal4life wrote:
03 Jul 2019 11:58
Lol, great minds think alike :lol: :mrgreen:
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03 Jul 2019 18:33

fphlpsnrg wrote:
30 Jun 2019 20:51
ETS2 is a remarkable product. Over six years old, and gets better every time. There is a work ethic in that company that can't be matched in most companies in the U.S. or Europe. ProMods is in itself just as remarkable, particularly since that group is largely uncompensated for their efforts.
kudos for your post sir :)
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03 Jul 2019 19:16

I am deeply sorry for having started this thread. Please kill it.

The basic issues are:
ProMods locks its mods out of new ETS2 releases. This is a good thing.

SCS makes significant changes in its own releases.

ProMods protects its members from the effects of these changes until they are confident that their mods are compatible with the current SCS release.

People who have never worked in a software development environment do not understand the importance of validating changes so that these changes are successfully implemented.

ETS2 is a stable product. It is also a product that is continuously evolving. Leon and Claire will only be killing the same zombies in the same place at the same time. They will never do anything different.

The only thing that I would change is that the "readme" document include information on running a previous version of ETS2 in the case that the current ProMods modules are not compatible with the current ETS2 release.

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04 Jul 2019 13:16

I laughed so hard when I saw these 'Where is 2.41 already, they don't even care' comments and suddenly the server load raised to 265%! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Coincidence? I think not! :D

Thanks a lot ProMods team!

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04 Jul 2019 14:14

I wasn't expecting a new release so soon, but thanks ProMods team. I'll still need to buy BTBS, so I can't enjoy the new version yet until I do so.

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04 Jul 2019 14:21

Yes, I was surprised to see the server over 300% and realizing 2.41 was out. Good job Promods team! It is a holiday here in the States so I have most of the day to explore the updated map.

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04 Jul 2019 14:59

I haven't had any sigle frame drop, DX11 + Pro Mods 2.41 is a good combo. Nice job team.

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04 Jul 2019 15:06

Shame yourselves, those who don't know how to wait! And now? What do you have to complain about?
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