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GPS RG ETS 2 PRO 1,01 Promods 2.41

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05 Jul 2019 11:09

GPS RG ETS 2 PRO 1,01 Promods 2.41

GPS RG ETS 2 PRO 1.01 Promods 2.41
The mod is intended exclusively for Promods 2.41
is compatible with dx 11
Mod adds
- changes colors
- changes the appearance of the road advisor
- have the size of the mirrors on the F2 key
- new icons on the map
- google maps for navigation
Mod tested on the version of the game
works properly

Do not re-upload to other servers,
keep my links if you intend to share them.
Do not use my modifications in other works without my permission.
be happy

If you like it and want more of my mods
support my son's treatment
Thank you

Sorry for my English
Image ... 1.rar.html
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Shinji Ikari
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Mod is no more available?
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