[REL] Romania Reworked v1.0

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08 Jul 2019 20:53

ro.gaming26 wrote:
08 Jul 2019 20:21
Adarskalen no problem man EdgeGladiator Vraiment désolé pour ton bled il reste que l'Algérie et le Sénégal qui pourront gagner
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English only please, google translate:

Really sorry for your bled it remains that Algeria and Senegal who will be able to win

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Looks good so far as I can see, keep up the good work! :D
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12 Jul 2019 10:31

In my opinion. it's okay if it will take time to release your map mod. You can actually merge the new ProMods stuff to your map mod like the new road in Hungary.
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04 Aug 2019 10:11

So if I understand correctly it does work with 2.41 if we remove the sector around Oradea?! Can someone tell which sector is that?
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04 Aug 2019 10:13

On DX9 after that all is ok, with DX11 you will see crash.
Oradea border sector is sec+0010+0004

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19 Aug 2019 12:46

Hello! After some time with no news I finally can tell you more about the map.
First, the map version for 1.35 will be released next week, and I apologize for the long waiting time.
Second, the new things on the map will be:
- improved A1 motorway from the border with Hungary to Sibiu (this involves changed roads, railings, signs; but unfortunately only the interchange at Arad-Vest is reworked, the rest remaining unchanged for now);
- new motorway signage (firstly because some of my previous signs were based on the Greek templates, and after the last update of Promods some Greek signs had problems and so did my signs; and second because I had some new ideas for the motorway signage);
- reworked/improved road from the border with Ukraine to Baia Mare (E81/DN1C road);
- some small improvements here and there on my previous work.
So these are the news for now, hope you will like the new things I've done. :D
And here you have some photos of the E81 road near the border with Ukraine (you can look also on the Google Maps street view for this location, I'm curious what do you think, I've tried to make it as close as possible to the real life):




Next days I will post photos of the A1 improvements and the signs.

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19 Aug 2019 15:44

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