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17 Apr 2019 21:01


I'm new here, and I would be interested in downloading the ProMods map. However, there are still two things that I don't understand.
1. Is it possible to download it for free? If yes, what's the difference between a paid and a free version?
2. For the mod to be compatible with the game, do they have to be of the same version, or can one of them be more advanced (i.e. if an ETS2 update arrives, can I still use the latest version of the ProMods map?)

Thanks in advance.

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17 Apr 2019 21:07

1. Yes you can download the Map for free. The difference between the free and paid download is, that the paid download is a single file with fast download speed, where the free one involves multiple archives with limited download speed and downloads running at the same time. But content wise there's no differnece between the free or paid download.
2. If a smaller ETS Update get's release like 1.34.x, then it should work fine, but for major Updates, like the next 1.35 for example, a new Version has to be made for making it compatible.
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17 Apr 2019 21:33

Thank you!
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11 Jul 2019 09:23

I have a new question: I would like to update the map to 2.41 from 2.40. How can I do that? (I have already downloaded ETS2 1.35.)

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11 Jul 2019 09:27

You just download ProMods 2.41 from the forum. Just like you did with ProMods 2.40. You extract the .7z files, and copy all the .scs files (including the new DEF-file) to your mod folder.
Then you start the game, and open the modmanager. Disable all ProMods 2.40 files, and enable the ProMods 2.41 files. Start the game, and play along.

You might get some notifications about missing mods, but those can just be ignored. Just click 'Continue'.
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