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21 Jul 2019 19:53

I've no idea if this is a ProMods issue or an SCS issue, but both times I've seen it happen are within ProMods sectors, so i'll report it here. I also haven't seen it mentioned in either forums.
Basically - Planes often freeze up just before landing and get stuck in the air, the game then tries to restart the mover but it comes across the same issues.

Game Log -

The first time i saw it happen was at Liege Airport -


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planebroke ;[21/07/2019 19:37] (sec-0005-0001);-17953.8;144.58;-2578.23;-2.66274;-0.0593251
The second was at Frankfurt -


Code: Select all

planebroke2 ;[21/07/2019 19:39] (sec-0002+0000);-5593.42;157.209;3776.25;-2.24572;0.0365043
I've no idea if this affects other airports because I've honestly no idea where they all are :?

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25 Jul 2019 19:58

I also saw that problem in Liege, confirming you're not the only one :D Let's wait for developent's reaction :)

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25 Jul 2019 21:26

These errors are already known. In the next version of promods-map they will be fixed.
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03 Oct 2013

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25 Jul 2019 22:27

SCS changed the way how movers work, we also had issues with flag poles. We managed to fix many of these but not all.
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