ProMods 2.46 for game version 1.37 has been released. Please be kind to the download servers :)
Please note that TruckersMP (multi-player) is still on game version 1.36 / ProMods 2.45

Development on Add-ons (Middle-East Add-on v2.x)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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25 Jul 2019 14:41

שלום ,
سلام ,

After a long development time and some discussions, we finally decided to release the Middle-East as a new Promods Add-on, like "Trailer and Company" or "Cabin Accessories" packs.
Indeed, because of political sensitivities, this map module will not be part of the main ProMods package and users are able to choose to use it.
Mid-East.png (22.35 KiB) Viewed 34436 times
The new Add-on can be discovered here : and downloaded in the Add-on section

About the load order, please read the 'README.TXT' file in the package. It's normally fully compatible with Rusmap (viewtopic.php?f=2&t=30006&start=30)
Other mods are not guaranteed.

Also, as already said, REMEMBER THIS IS A GAME ! By providing this map, we do not intend to take any position on political situations in the represented area(s). The map is designed whilst trying to represent with the nearest fidelity the actual situation on the ground, avoiding some controversial elements linked to political issues. Some parts are also simplified due to scale limitations.

We ask kindly everyone to refrain from posting any comments related to political situation in this area. Comments about the map are welcomed of course.
Middle-East.jpg (47.13 KiB) Viewed 34436 times
Thanks by advance and enjoy :-)
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Promods and Middle-East add-on developer

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25 Jul 2019 15:20

WOOHOOW Congratulations :lol:

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26 Jul 2019 11:18

OMG thanks. keep increasing the map

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26 Jul 2019 11:24

Hello, before i download are there any known conflicts this mod has with other map mods?

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26 Jul 2019 11:27

This is amazing! I do not have much time to play games lately, but now I have to buy Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC to be able to play on this map! :D

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26 Jul 2019 11:29

Thank you for the release!

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26 Jul 2019 11:33

Load order, please
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26 Jul 2019 11:33

It was fun to test this map earlier and i hope that we can get something new to this map someday. ;)
Good work with the new map. :)


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26 Jul 2019 11:34

I like to know the Load order :)

And if there is compatibility with other Map Mods (RusMap, RoEX etc ...)


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26 Jul 2019 11:46

Where do you add the Middle East Add-on map?

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