Development on Add-ons (Middle-East Add-on v2.x)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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26 Jul 2019 11:47


Regarding load order, READ the readme.txt in the archive!

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26 Jul 2019 11:52

Do you need a new def file for the middle east add on?

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26 Jul 2019 11:52

No, that's not necessary
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26 Jul 2019 11:56

Good work there. What is the MIddle-east mod load order? Above Pro mods def file?

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26 Jul 2019 11:58

see "other ProMods Add-On map mods" here:
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26 Jul 2019 12:00

Yes I know but I am asking this one specifically, for example paris rebuilt is above pro mods and great steppe instead is below

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26 Jul 2019 12:06

Great work!

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26 Jul 2019 12:09

Oh nvm it's written on the readme file, it must be above. Sorry for the questions got the download done now.

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26 Jul 2019 12:10

Video looks great. I intend to give this a go once I'm completed my current ProMods drive!

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26 Jul 2019 12:11

Wonderful, when it adds the most to me I love lol ^^, thanks to you Promod Developers, for making these games the best game with your cards or addons, a thousand thanks to all of you...

and as always you had been entitled to my financial contribution, which for me should be automatic considering the work brought free of charge ;) ...

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