Development on Add-ons (Middle-East Add-on v2.x)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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27 Jul 2019 18:02

I really like your work, Platypus. Keep up the good work.
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27 Jul 2019 21:12

Thanks for this mod, looks great! I'm still exploring the area, but before someone gets me wrong, in terms of realism, I noted people on Egyptian streets wearing western clothes :mrgreen:

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27 Jul 2019 22:57

I laughed my ass off when I drove to Dimona and saw you added the Nuclear Reactor there. It's basically the Area 51 of Israel and it was hilarious to just enter it. :lol: Great job on the map! Really loved it
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28 Jul 2019 00:00

As an Israeli citizen how do you rate the realism of the map in terms of signage and other design elements?
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28 Jul 2019 00:50

clean profile, only the map of Promods and its complement.
The order of files connection, according to the recommendations.
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How to explain such a number of errors? :shock:

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28 Jul 2019 01:09

It looks like only a few errors that are in a loop
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28 Jul 2019 04:19

bobrdobr wrote:
28 Jul 2019 00:50
clean profile, only the map of Promods and its complement.
The order of files connection, according to the recommendations.
How to explain such a number of errors? :shock:
I have the same problem. The mondeo police vehicle also emerges in 2-3 minutes. This situation causes short-term freezing in the game.
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28 Jul 2019 06:28

These errors are known and will be fixed in a future update. They are harmless though.
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28 Jul 2019 06:42

Police cars are different. I don't know that caused by other mods but i saw russian and latvian police cars in Israel

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28 Jul 2019 06:52

Playtus I'm here for report this link: removed link, thank you for the report
simply when you click on the download on this page it's directly going to Modbase and not on the Promods website. so they stealing your work, that's mean this no good. Right?
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