Development on version 2.x (Balkan Area)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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22 Jul 2019 17:41

Ziet er gelikt uit Fisherjb, en welkom bij het blauwe team!
Looks stunning Fisherjb, and welcome to the blue team!
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22 Jul 2019 21:44

Thanks again guys :)
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24 Jul 2019 14:23

Oh, that some great new stuff. And congrats too for joining the team :)

Now when the mod thread is reopen, might I ask a question? It is not about the place that should not be named.

It is about a small part of the territory in the North West Balkans - the region of Istria. Now, I am aware that the peninsula is a blind spot for the heavy cargo, as there is no ferry connection from coastal city of Pula. And that the so called "istrian ypsilon" will probably not be included.

But as Trieste is in the game, and I suppose that Slovenian Koper will be included too, is there any plan to add at least tunel Ucka, and road to Slovenian border?

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24 Jul 2019 17:08

Nice stuff, I hope for more Albania in PM. I have some questions and proposlas:
- The highway E-75 in Serbia is already finished - in PM 2.41 the section of A1 highway Vranje - Leskovac was finished in May 2019. Are you going to include this section of highway ?
- Toll Gates in Serbia are unrealistic - (only on highway - at the exit they are fine) they look like Croatian one, not Serbian which are totally different (the colour, displays). Are you going to change it ?
- Some parts of Slovenia looks totally old - Ljubljana, Maribor, and the highways (expect motorway from Ljubljana to Croatian border). It should been changed - (only assets, because the road network is realistic (except Austro - Slovenian border))
- Are you going to include Bosnian or Montenegrin cites in next release, because you are in PM 2.41 close to Montenegro and Bosnia (Ploče, Slavonski Brod) ?
- Will you add section of Jadranska Magistrala from Split to Ploče in the future ?
- Is Čačak city planed to include in the future ?
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27 Jul 2019 02:52

I try answer some questions

1. Good news :) now the highway section from Leskovac to Vranje has been completed in the map. And hopefully it will be released in next update as soon as possible.

2. Making new tollgate (even the bigger one) is a bit hard to do. But hopefully there is a chance to create the big tollgate variant of Serbia.

3. For Slovenia, yes almost all roads and places have to be rebuilt. Possibly it will be higher priority project for Balkan Area. ;)

For every new countries, regions, cities, or road sections, We will see which new parts or areas could be added. For your information, currently there are 3 new cities in Balkan. And there will be more new cities and roads to be added. ;)

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27 Jul 2019 10:21

All the way from SLavonski Brod down to Vranje, we have no petrol station.. its abt 600km !!! XD
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31 Jul 2019 14:01

fisherjb wrote:
16 Jul 2019 20:24
Hi, First Welcome back to the Balkan thread!
Let me introduce myself. My name is fisherjb and I'm a new dev for the Balkan area in Promods. Some of you have maybe seen me already in the academy. I would like to share some work i've been mapping lately :)

I hope you like it :)

That looks like very good "kwaliteit"

Best dutch word ever
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31 Jul 2019 21:28

Are you sure that you didn't write wrong Serbian word?
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05 Aug 2019 22:20

A traffic pack for cars formerly produced in Yugoslavia (Including Zastava vehicles) would be nice considering they are still a popular sight in some countries. (Namely Montenegro, North Macedonia & Serbia)
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09 Aug 2019 13:38

Will Greece get more cities?

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