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Realistic Cities - Promods Addon

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01 Aug 2019 01:39


This is mod is being created to improve cities realism. I want to bring more realistic city ​​landscape around major highways with new buildings, and terrain and vegetation modifications. First city was Berlin, but the project become complex and I got tired (but I'll return). Then I decided to change the city for while, so I made some buildings from Haifa (Israel), a big complex of hotels in the coast and a local building, all of them made as low poly models.

Some pictures from Haifa:





Some pics from Berlin:



About Berlin, I have some buildings done in SketchUp, and other ready in blender but still needing some fixes:

as this church...


and these blank buildings...


I would say this project is in pre-alpha stage, but you can download Haifa modifications right now if you like: ... d.rar/file

UPDATE 02/02/2020
download: ... 1.scs/file
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01 Aug 2019 18:18

Wow really impressed with your moddeling skills
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01 Aug 2019 18:23

nice work, really interesting :)

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03 Aug 2019 11:09

Good luck with your project!
ProMods Team needs to see this hehe
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03 Aug 2019 20:30

Yeah well done!! That is a really good idea..

I wish you good luck and would like to see more screens with your custom buildings at Promods cities..
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12 Jan 2020 09:02

Im back with new buildings for promods.

This is the first version of Realistic Cities Add-On in its very pre-alpha stage.

V 0.01 content:
Thessaloniki downtown:

Haifa: Fixed Haifa's Hotel view distance and added some new buildings:

Added in 6 hours 45 minutes 50 seconds:
Added Stade Ernest-Wallon in Toulouse:

download: ... 1.scs/file

put it inside mod folder. Inside the game, place it above all promods and promods-me files on mod management.

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12 Jan 2020 16:32

I think this should be integrated into promods 😉

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12 Jan 2020 19:03

Looks very accurate. :)
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12 Jan 2020 21:11

The download link is broken.
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