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04 Aug 2019 15:35

Hi I have all the maps for ETS2 1.35 and all the latest maps in the order that is on Wombat Truckers videos. My question is I have Jazzycats Overweight Trailers and Cargo Pack, Military Cargo Pack and Railway Cargo Pack. The Military one does not seem to work, so can someone tell me what load order they need to be and where in the list, before maps or after maps. Each pack has a base file and a eng file. thank you all for your help.

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22 Aug 2019 03:04

Hi I’m having an issue with Jazzycats painted truck pack. Some signposts, buildings, roads appear just black. I’ve tried it in various load orders and still the same. As soon as I remove it from mods all goes back to normal. Anyone else experienced this? I’ve been using jazzycats packs for 3 years never with any problem.

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22 Aug 2019 07:39


do you play in Open-GL or Direct-X?
If you play in Open-GL, I would recommend that you start the game with Direct-X.

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24 Sep 2019 17:07

Hi everyone!
I have an issue, i think the reason is Jazzycat’s mod. I use all of his mods, in ats and ets2. And in both games i have the same problem - game freezes for a moment, especially in towns, and the fps is around 30-40. When i start new profile without mods, same graphic settings, there is no problem i have with fps.
I noticed that the game freezes when the log is full of warnings. Is there any options to solve the problem?

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24 Sep 2019 18:19

Jazzycat mods are heavy - maybe your PC can't handle them. We won't guess without your log, as we don't even know your hardware.
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26 Dec 2019 13:27

I have a question about the 11.6 version of Jazzycat pack - when opening def/country/country_name/traffic.jazzycat_ai.sii why almost half of all the vehicles included in the pack are not listed there? For example, there are no Alfa Romeos , Tofas or Volvos on the list at all… We can't edit the spawn frequency of so many vehicles from the pack. IT wasn't an issue in older versions, I wonder what's wrong now, why so many cars are not listed in traffic.jazzycat_ai.sii

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