ETS2 1.35 vs Promods 2.41 save game compatibility

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31 Aug 2019 18:33


I have updated ETS2 to 1.35 (steam auto-update).
So I noticed that we already have 2.41 promods update which should be compatible ... so i downloaded and unziped everything in the ETS2 mods folder and I removed the previous 2.40 files from the mods folder.
Now when i try to load my profile it says that i am missing on some DLCs or MODsm which can't be since i re-downloaded everything like for the previous 2.40.
I attached a couple of screenshots and the game log.

Anyone knows what i'm missing here ?
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31 Aug 2019 18:48

just ignore that message and click on the "continue load" or whatever it says button. This message comes everytime you update some mods, since the game is thinking you removed them.
And please upload your log on pastebin next time
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31 Aug 2019 19:01

It was crashing but I noticed there is an order to follow as well and indeed it worked. Thanks

p.s Sorry, i am not familiar with pastebin but I will consider it next time.

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04 Sep 2019 19:20

I download and extract the PM files to a separate temp folder and remove the version numbers from the downloaded/extracted files.
Move the PM files from the previous version (the ones that currently resides in the mods folder) to an archive folder.
Copy the new files from the temp (without version numbers) to the mods folder.

When I start ETS2, the name of the mods have not changed, just their version..
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