guys i really need help

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08 Sep 2019 10:04

ETS2 crashes on startup, only using promods mods. order
-model 3
-model 2
-model 1

game log:

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08 Sep 2019 15:48


Your game appears to be loading only a small fraction of your DLCs:

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00:00:07.940 : [hashfs] dlc_east.scs: Mounted and validated, 927 entries (DBF3E1691B254B4093118CCD80BDB5302553A88CB07EAB0692BD70B37CEC859C)
00:00:08.297 : [hashfs] dlc_fr.scs: Mounted and validated, 3656 entries (779839A1330A3A75AC6BC78730DE46A3D33DA0AFB2625A39F34EF55E47E4EF54)
00:00:08.793 : [hashfs] dlc_it.scs: Mounted and validated, 5094 entries (DE6FE36D1DC9F9BB966B24140D716596C752E1D434F60169508CCA2BA7310CD8)
00:00:09.287 : [hashfs] dlc_north.scs: Mounted and validated, 5509 entries (D3D149610DE2BDCF1ECCC3F0F246590491DBDFD6DBFD1E98B470AE476C4F175C)
00:00:09.290 : [hashfs] dlc_rocket_league.scs: Mounted and validated, 138 entries (C1E3DF479FA5C17ABFB6FC8AD32E470680DBA03B2447A9C01A156AC045C2C661)
I recommend using Steam to Verify Integrity of Game Files.

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