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[Fixed] [#20705] [2.41] Road 25, traffic lights broken at level crossing

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10 Sep 2019 21:53

There is a random encounter on a railroad crossing in Poland that does not seem to work properly.
Traffic either gets stuck in the middle of it or both sides persistently have the red light.
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10 Sep 2019 22:00

Did you try with ProMods only?
We need your game.log and coordinates of this place.
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11 Sep 2019 12:29

Here's the game log:
I don't know how to get coordinates, but here are some better resolution pics of where it is on the map: ,

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11 Sep 2019 13:19

If you would search the forum a bit before posting, you would know how to get coordinates: viewtopic.php?p=78003#p78003
We don't want to fly the whole Map to find this.
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11 Sep 2019 16:09

I apologize for that.
I will give the exact coordinates tomorrow, I managed to get through it now.

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12 Sep 2019 13:59

So, here are the coordinates:

Code: Select all

Railroad crossing - Faulty random event ;[12/09/2019 14:57] (sec+0005-0004);23844.8;53.8828;-15235.2;3.01933;-0.123871

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15 Sep 2019 21:12

Thanks for the information, Karjola! I have checked this area, and while I didn't encounter any stuck traffic lights and stuck traffic jams (apart from the occassional vehicle collisions both with vanilla and Jazzycat traffic), I still filed a bug for this scene, as it needs some adjustments and visual upgrades.

Tracking number is #20705. Thanks for the report!
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21 Sep 2019 16:24

Fixed in WIP.
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