[REL] SVK MAP by KimiSlimi V.19

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04 Sep 2019 17:55

Hello, my name is KimiSlimi and I am working on Slovakia Map by KimiSlimi and it is addon for original SCS Map.
I started this project 14.8.2018 and it is 1 year from starting this map. For now I added about 40 cities and rebuilded a lot of roads in Slovakia.
Every month I am adding about 3 new cities. :D My mod isn't compatibile with Promods but I am hoping that I will help him. ;)



[email protected]


+ Added city Sobrance, part of Levoča/1.35

Currently in Progress:
Levoča, Klčov, Kráľovský Chlmec, Snina

It’s New Slovakia Map with all of Europe countries. You will need expansion – ETS 2 Going East and Baltic Sea.

– 28 New Slovakian Cities (Humenné, Snina, Vyšná Jablonka, Roškovce, Hostovice, Michalovce, Trebišov, Poprad, Nitra, Trenčín, Kysucké Nové Mesto, POVAŽSKÁ BYSTRICA, Šaľa, Nové Zámky, Stará Ľubovňa, Sabinov, Brezno, RIMAVSKÁ SOBOTA, Čierny Balog, HOLÍČ, KORYTÁRKY, Giraltovce, Galanta, DIAKOVCE, Levice, Štúrovo, Prešov, Sobrance)
– 4 New Slovakian MiniCities (SVIDNÍK, Ružomberok, ZVOLEN, TRNAVA)
– 2 Old SCS Slovakian Cities (Bratislava, Banská Bystrica)
– 3 New Ukraine Cities (Užhorod, Velikij Bereznyj, Užok)
– 1 New Croatia City (Zagreb)
– 1 New Slovenia City(Kranj)
– 2 New Hungarian Cities (TOKAJ, HAJDÚBOSZORMÉNY)
– Real Slovakian Roads and Signs (with some road changes)
– For version 1.35!!!!
– Thanks For Downloading!!!!

1. Download from this website
2. Open europe.rar
3. Copy europe.scs to folder: mod
4. Enjoy and Play!

Image Image
Image Image
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04 Sep 2019 19:09

Looks interesting. You should add some photos. Hope the Promods will start some cooperation with you to help you make it compatible, or better, included in Promods.

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04 Sep 2019 20:26

Looking very good! Would be nice if there would be some connection with Promods :)
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04 Sep 2019 21:38

Agree with Dejf94 & psychoszoku, looks good and PM compatibility would be great.

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04 Sep 2019 23:43

If you are going to consider PM compatibility, please also consider RoEx compatibility! :D
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05 Sep 2019 21:45

PM and ROex compatibillity would be nice.

But there are other issues what are very serious..

1. Your map destroys several roads in Sweden. broken roads and game crashes if i fly over it by flycam.
2. red textures at gates, fences, walls containers and so on
3. your map replaces the new SCS Autobahnen in Germany with the old ones. I saw this at the A7 at Hannover. And at Kassel game crashes again.
4. Several random crashes while flying over the map at scandinavia and germany..
5. In Ucraine there are names and symbols but no roads visible at the map...

sorry, but with this issues it is for me not playable.

In addition you have a very big ammount of cities in such a little country like slowakia. On the map i see city next to city and so on.. are there at least a few landscapes left ?
i only see lots of cities...
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14 Sep 2019 13:15

KimiSlimi, for the amount of cities you are adding to 1:20 scale Slovakia.
I think you should rather do a standalone map, either in 1:10 or 1:5 scale.

MG Mike, this map should be atleast 2 map sectors away from Germany.
And even farther away from Hannover and Kassel...
KimiSlimi, check and recheck that you only have the sectors that are needed for Slovakia in your map project. + Hungary it seems.
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15 Sep 2019 14:09

I agrre with Shiva and MGMike, there are too many cities for a 1:19 map. Isn't playable for me.

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16 Sep 2019 21:23

But it is a fact, his map replaces all Europemap with "his" Europe including his work.. And this Version replaces Autobahnen in Germany with old ones and makes roads broken in Sweden for what reason ever
.. But I tested it by only putting his map at a clean profile and I got this issues..
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17 Sep 2019 05:59

Hello, my dear friends :D
I have two versions of my map, FULL and DEMO.
In DEMO I have about 20 Cities 😃
And by the way I removed all europe sectors and all problems are OK. 👍



But if you want I can reduce cities. 😃

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