Development on version 2.x (Autobahn Rebuilding Project)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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22 Oct 2019 14:22

Oh :(
Will you add the city Bamberg and The BAB73? (and complete the BAB71)

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22 Oct 2019 16:22


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22 Oct 2019 17:30

xxx_gambler wrote:
22 Oct 2019 14:22
Will you add the city Bamberg and The BAB73? (and complete the BAB71)
Adding all 3 things is pretty possible.
It just needs to be done; I'm the only one working on Germany right now but in a different corner. (But it could be a future project for the ARP.)
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23 Oct 2019 19:49

Since I was told that everything concerning Germany is getting posted here, I want to ask about Cologne. I noticed that the Promods version of Cologne unlike the original SCS file got totally mixed up. Is it planned to fix Cologne? The wrong version is in Promods fore more than 2 years by now. Thanks.

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23 Oct 2019 19:52

Just read the post directly above yours, there's currently only one active developer working in Germany and he works somewhere else. There will probably a new Version of Cologne one day, but as always, it's ready when it's ready.
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23 Oct 2019 20:42

In addition I think it makes less sense to rework German cities especially in west Germany cause SCS is still at Germany Rebuilt wip for Vanillamap. And since Promods Team has decided to take the Vanillamap as base and add better promods things to it, I think they want to wait what scs will do there and after this, probably with 1.37 when the last phase of germany rebuilt by SCS is ready, then the team will decide what will be rebuilt or added new or anything else.

The mapper who is working in germany will surely working on some area what is already done by SCS. All other areas like west and south germany will have to wait untill SCS is done with it..
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11 Dec 2019 15:46

Nur als Idee: A23/B5 nach Niebüll(Zugverladung!) und weiter nach Sylt. Städte: Heide (eine der größten Raffinerien Deutschlands uns viel Agrar-Industrie) und Husum( Windenergie)


Only as an idea: A23 / B5 to Niebüll (train loading!) And on to Sylt. Cities: Heide (one of the largest refineries in Germany and much agricultural industry) and Husum (wind energy)
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11 Dec 2019 17:39

hello guys
im 3d artist and graphic designer
I would love to help if my knowledge and profession allows this

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13 Dec 2019 20:45

Hi esta ! I think it can be nice if you show your knowledge and work on the Show your work sub-forum :
Here, the ProMofs team will observes what you can do, and why not consider you in their team.

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18 Dec 2019 22:42

Is it possible to build the BAB 1 from the Leverkusener Bridge via Cologne and Trier to Luxembourg?

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