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23 Oct 2019 15:47

I didn't think this was a post that belonged in crashes and stuff so i post it here. If it's the wrong thread i apologize.

I have experienced many places that i am unable to pick up loads from with a HCT trailer due to the marker being blocked by a wall (see picture)

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23 Oct 2019 17:54

There are a number of company prefabs which were not built for HCT trailers (they were placed in the map before HCT trailers were developed by SCS). I have reviewed all companies in Finland for this problem so that they can be fixed in some future release of Promods. The list below includes all locations in the ProMods 2.41/2.42 map which present a problem for using HCT trailers:
  • Ivalo NorrFood
  • Joensuu NS Chemicals
  • Joensuu Polar Fish
  • Jyväskylä BCP
  • Kokkola MS Stein
  • Kokkola NS Chemicals
  • Kuopio Euro Goodies
  • Kuopio Transinet
  • Mikkeli Euro Goodies
  • Oulu Dom Depo
  • Oulu NS Chemicals
  • Oulu NS Oil
  • Oulu Polar Fish
  • Rovaniemi Posped
  • Sodankylä NorrFood
  • Sodankylä Posped
  • Tornio Euro Goodies
  • Utsjoki NS Oil
  • Varkaus FCP
  • Varkaus Posped

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Axel Slingerland
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27 Oct 2019 06:26

I always say, you need to decide...
1. Use an HCT Trailer using the Dev Console's "Fly Mode" where necessary.
2. Use an HCT Trailer going to just those companies you can get in and out of with no difficulties.
3. Don't use an HCT Trailer at all.

I chose 1... :)

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